Friday, August 09, 2013

SummerTime..... 2013

Where does the time go? I seem to step away and already months have rolled by. I look at my kids and can't believe how much they've grown and feel completely self-defeated that I haven't kept up with this journal of their days. The other night as I put Elle in bed, I looked at her-- her legs are so long, I can barely carry her, I can't believe she is almost 4yrs. Her hands still fat and pudgy, little toddler hands; but how long will that last?

Tagg just celebrated 10yrs. How FUN! How Sad! in less time than we've had him in our home, he will be leaving our home (hopefully). Only 8 more years until he is 18? My heart can't take it, the tears well up every time I think of it. I have so much to teach him, so little time and yet I fall short of my many tasks.

Some days my kids are BFF's; other days they can't stand each other.  Hitting and fighting and unkind words and hands (can I admit that Elle is sometimes the bully here?? BAHHHHH) I struggle finding the balance of my personal goals, my job aspirations, my desire to serve and teach my family & still find time to be with my cute Mr. T

Does everyone struggle with this??

I'm working on systems, I'm putting together job chart, I'm full of good intentions-- what I want. But getting out of the figuring stages to the DOING stages is killing me. I think I am on the Road to hell... (paved with good intentions!)

I have lists and lists and 1/2 worked projects--- maybe that is why I am a great manager?? I can work out details, figure out the action plan... but need to pass it on to others to complete?? How could I get so much accomplished back when I was working full-time and lack so badly at home??? Need more accountability I think! More pressure. Which is what posting this out in open is... my Vulnerability.

So again let's play a little catch up on our life and knock this TO DO off my list so I can get moving on to something fun like doing laundry, or mopping my kitchen floor......

OUR SUMMER (so far) with Mine and Tagg's birthdays; time playing with family. spray parks, pools, playgrounds, parades, lakes, Scentsy Convention (ME)..... just a few: